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The Great Grape Jelly Hunt

(or all I wanted was a PB&J sandwich)

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I went grocery shopping Sunday (for the umpteenth time it seems). On my list were a few simple things – cereal, cheese and grape jelly. Nothing exotic, right? Wrong!

The cereal (Corn Flakes because Cheerios are still way too expensive) and cheese (local brand because Kraft singles fall in to the same category as Cheerios) were no problem. It was the grape jelly that caused me problems.

I've been to 3 different grocery stores over the last 10 days. Grape jelly of any kind has not been found. At the place I went to on Sunday there were 4 shelves of Nutella and 6 shelves of various jams and jellies. Alas, no grape. The only thing that came close (and it was H-bomb close) was a mixture of peanut butter and grape jelly in one jar (insert shudder here). Yes, I wanted the jelly to make a PB&J sandwich, but I wanted to mix the 2 together myself, not find it pre-mixed! Ah well, the search will continue.

Have I mentioned that our U.K. co-workers have arrived? They got here on Friday night – all 8 of them. They come from various offices around the U.K. - London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Lovin' the accents!!

On Saturday morning the 10 of us had to report to a medical clinic in order to get check-ups to be eligible for our work permits (a new law effective this past January). We had to start the day with a visit to the MRT station so the newbies could get their MRT passes. Then, it was off on the train.

We reported to the clinic at about 920A. By the time all of us had a chest X-ray, blood drawn and a visit with a doctor it was almost 1230P. There was a lot of waiting around for your name (or number) to be called.

By then we were all hungry. So, to introduce them to the local food, we went to La Pau Sat, a 24-hour food market where one can sample almost any kind of local food. I went with Indonesian smashed fried chicken. A few of the others, once they ceased being overwhelmed by the choices, also chose some local food. Sad to say, 4 of the 10 chose to get their food from Wendy's. In defense of the U.K. folks, they don't have Wendy's where they're from, so it was an international food to them.

After lunch it was back on the train to our station and a visit to the grocery store. There, they experienced the same sticker shock that Randall & I had had. Finally, it was back to the suites so everybody could 'crash' as they saw fit.

Monday started our in house training at the CWT. There are 12 of us in the training room (including 2 local new hires) and technical issues were the theme of the day. Eventually all was sorted out and we seem to be moving along fairly well.

(I mentioned the search for grape jelly during class today. I may have a source. I'm going to check it out during tomorrow's lunch break.)


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